Primarily based out of Nashville and Louisville, Billi Cate Photography has the ability to meet couples across the country to capture their story on camera.

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Meet BC

Hey there, I’m Billi Greenwell. A lot of people call me: Billi, Billi Cate, BC, Dolla Bills, B Cake, and that girl. I am a fanatic about spicy food, last minute adventures and quiet mornings. Typically, you will find me in relaxed clothes and white vans (they go with everything).

As a professional third wheeler, I aim for capturing the real and authentic you, not some stiff posed photo that doesn’t show your true emotions. I want the messy wind blown hair, the wrinkles from smiling too much, smooshed noises, grabbing each-others butts, aggressive kisses, playing tag that ends in tackling, the quiet moments and the closeness. I want to document your raw and pure love that will be something you look back on for years to come because these photos keep those sweet moments and loved ones close even when their gone. I’m not concerned with your venue, waist size, number of guests, what that other person said or how much money was spent, I’m focused on you and your loved one(s). Let’s create something beautiful together. 


Let’s capture your story