Hey there! Welcome to my site, I'm Billi Greenwell. A lot of people call me: Billi, Billi Cate (it's more southern I guess), BC, Dolla Bills, B Cake, and Hey You! I am a young adult who loves spicy food, last minute adventures and obviously photography! I strongly believe my white Vans go with every outfit and I don’t believe in counting calories. If I didn’t have to be an adult and pay bills, every form of photography payment would be in food.
I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee but I love that I have the opportunity to travel for photography (mainly stationed out of Louisville and Nashville). My goal when taking photos is to capture the true beauty God has created, not to produce an unnatural representation the culture depicts. Nothing can get better than the outdoors, so you will see a lot of greenery and natural light in my photos. I aim for my pictures to look authentic, genuine, creative, raw, unique and downright fun!  For more information about your photography needs, click the CONTACT box in the toolbar above and let’s get to chatting!!